We're a "can-do" team where each member contributes to our combined success. 


We operate a flat can-do team where everyone contributes directly to our our growth.  The importance of what we deliver for our customers and patients means that rigor underlies everything we do, whether it’s technical, scientific or operations. We value constructive debate that help us innovate and create solutions that delight our customers.

Our success is driven by continuously embracing the integration of new technologies, designs and analytics that enable us to solve customer problems. This often means helping customers use technology to inform investment decisions or regulatory claims about life-altering new medicines.  This is a high stakes and regulated environment that demands attention to detail, commitment to a compliance first, yet in an agile and flexible way.  Some would consider compliance and innovation to be competing forces. Making them work together drives our competitive advantage.


Koneksa Health is hiring talent into clinical trial wearable data monitoring space

Open Positions

Lead Product Designer
New York, NY

Product Manager
New York, NY

Full-Stack Software Engineer
New York, NY

Sales Operations Associate
New York, NY

Project Coordinator/Analyst Clinical Operations
New York, NY

Jr. Technical Support Specialist
New York, NY


Can't find a position that fits you?
We're always looking for new talent. If you're interested in working at Koneksa Health, feel free to reach out.

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Working environment

We have dedicated offices at the lively, convenient WeWork City Hall facility in lower Manhattan. We have a get-it-done attitude, but a flexible environment that values work/life integration. We offer remote Fridays for the office-based team.  Some of us are competitive runners and cyclists, others boxers and dancers - we support them in their athletic and artistic goals.


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Koneksa Health tasty team lunches

How we hire

We’re in the business of helping customers make data-driven decisions, so we hold ourselves accountable for driving an objective hiring process. Healthcare is meant to serve all people and yet our systems suffer from very complex problems. Making a difference for all patients requires that we have diverse perspectives and talent on our team. Often, we employ objective tools such as code tests or other assessment tools that help us evaluate candidates in a fair and effective manner.

How you communicate and collaborate is as important as what you can do - the contribution you will bring to the team if you join us - and your ability to embrace working on something new and seeking to better yourself over time.

Employee benefits

Koneksa Health offers competitive salary

Competitive salary

Koneksa Health employees have covered healthcare and 50% covered dependent healthcare

100% employee covered healthcare & 50% covered dependent healthcare

Koneksa Health employees receive a Macbook Pro computer

Company Laptop


Flexible Work Day

Koneksa Health employees receive Wageworks compputer benefits

Wageworks commuter

Koneksa Health employees have weekly team lunches and tasty office snacks

Weekly team lunches
& snack bar

Why we love working at koneksa

Working at Koneksa has been a pleasure. Coming from the non-profit healthcare industry directly involved with tech, Koneksa has allowed me to take my involvement in this space to the next level. Working with new device integrations and technologies that can lead to better care and management for those in need makes it more than just a job; it has become a passion. The Koneksa team is always in ‘Go’ mode and I am excited for what’s to come.
— Tristan, Technology Support Manager
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For me, using technology to advance clinical research is an exciting area to work in, as our work can ultimately help bring new medicine to market faster. Koneksa is applying data analysis in a way that is cutting-edge and meaningful. Working on a small team allows us to wear multiple hats and learn something new every day.
— Tom, VP Engineering
I joined Koneksa after working in a number of other technology management roles primarily because my father had Parkinson’s and I saw first hand how tracking his activity helped the care conversation between my mother and him. I realized that the potential to instrument people with significant conditions to better manage care and learn about disease progression could have huge potential to change how we measure health.
— Robert, Head of Tech R&D and QA