Koneksa Announces New Hires

Koneksa is proud to announce the recent hires of Chengrui Huang, Ph.D., senior statistician; George Pappas, technology support specialist; and Juanita Yim, product manager. We'd like to introduce them to you and have them share a little about themselves.

As a senior statistician at Koneksa, Chengrui Huang partners with clients to define and execute statistical analysis plans. In addition, she provides scientific leadership to the clinical sales and R&D teams. Chengrui most recently served as a statistician at Google. Previously, she completed her post-doctorate work in genetic epidemiology from Johns Hopkins University, and received her PhD in statistics from Stony Brook University. She is excited to join Koneksa to use her expertise in statistical rigor and insight to make a positive impact on clinical research.

George Pappas brings broad IT experience, including in nonprofit and government roles, to his role as a technology support specialist at Koneksa. He is responsible for supporting all of the devices, sensors, and studies conducted through Koneksa’s proprietary platform. George also manages Koneksa’s website, among other IT projects. His BS is from UC Berkeley, and he enjoys being part of the startup ethos at Koneksa.

As a product manager, Juanita Yim is responsible for articulating the requirements of Koneksa’s software and ensuring its functionality. She has held roles at a variety of health-tech companies, after earning degrees in Industrial & Operations Engineering and Psychology from the University of Michigan. She enjoys looking for elegant solutions to problems and working with enthusiastic teammates throughout Koneksa.

Tech Tonics: Chris Benko, From Fortune 100 to Fortune Seeker

Tech Tonics: Chris Benko, From Fortune 100 to Fortune Seeker

Chris Benko first joined Merck when he was but a lad of eighteen, rising through the ranks in HR and talent management to become one of the youngest VPs in the history of the organization, at the age of 34.

But instead of continuing his ascending career into the senior ranks of biopharma, Chris opted instead to scratch the entrepreneurial itch and, after several years in Merck venture capital group, he founded a new company and left Merck to run it.

Innovations Announced at CES

Innovations Announced at CES

 We weren’t able to make it to CES this year, but we were keeping a close eye on the new digital health announcements to see if anything really impressed us.  Amongst many new wearables and sensors that seemed to bring marginal improvement, there were a few hardware / software announcements that we are looking forward to testing and bringing to our customers. 

Newcomer To Healthcare - Perspectives a Year On

Newcomer To Healthcare  - Perspectives a Year On

I joined Koneksa to run technology in May 2014. I’ve spent many years building systems for financial services and, to some, extent consumer industries. I joined healthcare motivated to apply my skills after watching how technology was changing the conversation in my father’s last months of life. The journey has not disappointed.

In this post I share two themes I’ve noticed over the last year.