Year In Review 2015

I began working on the plans for Koneksa Health almost exactly two years ago, however as I reflect on the last twelve months I realize that 2015 was truly our launch year, as defined by two important milestones.  

Our first customer deployment occurred in February at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), whose team helped us make Koneksa Compare a user-friendly experience for the patients of the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center and the staff managing and monitoring them.  This summer we reached the second milestone, when we spun-out as a founder led company after being incubated by the Global Health Innovation fund with support from Merck.

As we reach the end of the year it’s exciting to realize that we’ve now worked across conditions ranging from cardio-metabolic disease, multiple types of cancers as well as very rare and debilitating conditions. We’ve used the Koneksa platform to help customers better understand data across hundreds of patients in prospective clinical studies in early drug development as well as observational research.  We’ve worked to optimize the platform to support fast processing of tens of millions of records for retrospective studies.

The support on our business plan, loaned resources and advice of GHI and Merck were incredibly helpful in our early days. However building our own, permanent team has been tremendously important to developing organizational capabilities and a foundation for our culture. We have assembled a group that is diverse in experience and background, but shares a common passion for improving healthcare with technology and data. The learnings we’ve had as an organization - including the many challenges and barriers ranging from technical to regulatory to fear of change, have pushed us to devise creative solutions to the challenges ahead. 

We are looking forward to the unknowns of 2016 and appreciate our families, friends, customers, and especially the patients who have used our software.  Thank you for joining us on this journey!    

By Chris Benko, CEO of Koneksa Health