Safeguarding Data: The Koneksa Platform

Koneksa designs, executes, and analyzes clinical studies that use data from mobile and/or wearable devices.

Traditional methods of data gathering, such as patient diaries or clinical interviews, can be difficult and subject to error. With mobile and wearable devices, measurements (like those related to pulmonary or cardiovascular function, activity, or sleep) can be collected continuously, remotely and reliably - and with a minimum of work by the patient.

The Koneksa software platform is what makes this possible.

It comprises a client-facing application (Koneksa Compare) and one for internal use (Koneksa Admin Tools). Together, the two provide:

  1. Identity service – handling user account details
  2. Customer app – the tool that the client uses, which handles deidentified clinical trial data
  3. API server – our data processing framework used to collect data from devices

The Koneksa platform is built and operated to be compliant with the highest standards for clinical trial software. A wide variety of guidelines, safeguards, backups, restrictions, controls, audits, tests, processes, maintenance and monitoring constantly protect the Koneksa platform and its data.

For more detailed information on how the Koneska Platform protects data, please email