Realizing the Promise of Telehealth: Brainstorming Solutions at the Future of Health Summit

At the 2018 Milken Institute Future of Health Summit, Koneksa was invited to participate in “Realizing the Promise of Telehealth,” a session led by Milken’s “action tank” (vs. think tank) FasterCures and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

In the session, leaders from throughout government, industry, and NGOs discussed how lessons from telehealth in patient care can be applied to clinical trials.

It was interesting to share and learn from different perspectives from all sides of clinical development, discussing what needs to happen to enable more remote clinical trials. Some of the key points we discussed included:

  • Taking what makes patient-care telehealth successful and translating it into the clinical-trial paradigm - friendly UX, attention to detail, knowledgeable data science

  • Challenging stereotypes to offer better solutions for patient populations that people might assume wouldn’t use tech (assumptions about tech familiarity based on age, income)

  • The need to challenge partners to find risk-based solutions that iterate toward improvement and don’t get bogged down by the bureaucracy common to large organizations (both corporate and government)

The conversations were practical, friendly and collaborative, and we look forward to working with Milken Institute partners more in the future.