Koneksa Presents at CNS Summit

The CNS Summit is a conference for those involved in drug development. It's grown rapidly since its founding in 2010 because, as its founder, Dr. Amir Kalali, says, "The only people who can change the culture and the efficiency of what drug developers do is drug developers."

Its objective: "bring all of the right people together, foster collaboration among all stakeholders, cultivate innovation, and present new technologies that will help advance clinical development."

The Summit covered three days this year, with talks and panel sessions on a wide range of topics, including virtual clinical trials and CRO initiatives to improve the study of CNS.

Rob Ellis and Chris Benko present at the 2019 CNS Summit

Rob Ellis and Chris Benko present at the 2019 CNS Summit

Koneksa presented our analysis of mPower data and its usefulness in the study of Parkinson’s disease. The availability of this data from the mPower app from Sage Bionetworks has been a significant contribution to science. Many thanks to them, and specifically to Larsson Omberg, for this!

Many device vendors attended as well, which gave us an opportunity to meet teams spread around the world with whom we usually only speak remotely.

The summit's acronym stands for "Collaborating for Novel Solutions." As Dr. Kalali says, "The CNS Summit is about digital transformation and the future of life sciences. From the very beginning of the summit’s founding our focus has been on collaboration, innovation, and technology. As a result, many of the issues we discuss are multi-therapeutic."

We were honored to join the CNS Summit, and look forward to attending again next year.