Year In Review 2016

2016 has been an exciting year of growth and change at Koneksa. Our customer collaborations are growing significantly in both number and scope. The studies we’re developing and supporting are demonstrating that novel approaches to measuring and health can dramatically transform the way new treatments are delivered to patients. 

Despite twenty years in the pharmaceutical industry, this was the first year where I - as well as several others on the Koneksa team – have had the opportunity to personally interface with patients participating in studies of new medicines. This experience gives us a first-hand appreciation for the commitment and passion that patients and their loved ones contribute to drug development. It drives us to continue to innovate with technology that improves their experiences and reduces their risks.  Here are some of my customer highlights for the year:

•    We are helping patients with respiratory diseases to participate in research by reducing their burden with fewer visits to study sites, while validating our ability to help sponsors make decisions about intervention effects with smaller numbers of subjects.  

•    We have had the opportunity to significantly increase our work in a range of rare diseases, including our first study of pediatric patients using physical activity measures to characterize the impact of their condition. 

•    Finally, we are also building broad collaborations with customers to validate new tools for assessing safety and other physiological signals.

As we’re expanding our customer base of pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, we’re also adding significantly to our team. The technology group has made step-changes to the Koneksa software and data platform, which were showcased earlier this year at MongoDB world. We are proud to be a leader in proving how big data tools can be used in healthcare. We are creating a culture of people who are passionate about healthcare and value the rigor that’s required to support drug development.

We’re incredibly grateful for the support of our customers, partners, investors, employees and their families. We wish you all a happy holidays season and look forward to seeing you in 2017!