ActiGraph Launches CentrePoint Toolkit to Provide Technology Framework for Home-­ based Healthcare Solutions

Pensacola, FL – Nov 15, 2016 -­ ActiGraph, a leading provider of clinical-­grade wearable activity and sleep monitoring solutions, has announced the launch of the CentrePoint technology toolkit, which enables clients to leverage the company’s ecosystem of hardware and software tools in the development of proprietary remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems and other home healthcare delivery solutions.

Currently deployed in dozens of pharmaceutical drug trials, ActiGraph’s CentrePoint technology platform is used to transfer and manage physical activity and sleep data collected by the company’s FDA 510(K) cleared activity monitors. The CentrePoint Data Hub, slated for release in late 2016, enables continuous near real-­time patient monitoring by passively collecting and transmitting data from any Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) enabled health sensor from a patient’s home to the CentrePoint cloud database via 3G cellular network. Data is instantly accessible through the CentrePoint web portal or it can be integrated into a client system with an available Application Programming Interface (API). A patient facing mobile application and activity monitor Software Development Kit (SDK) provide additional flexibility and opportunities for customization.

“ActiGraph has spent the last 15 years developing and refining methods to capture, transfer, and manage huge amounts of sensor data,” said Matt Biggs, ActiGraph’s Director of Named Accounts. “By using components of the CentrePoint toolkit to build or augment their own home health platform, our clients can leverage our expertise to save development time and resources while they focus on their own core competencies.”

“ActiGraph’s technology ecosystem has given us the ability to integrate physical activity and sleep metrics into our clinical data platform to provide our clients with a more comprehensive view of real world patient behaviors,” said Robert Ellis at Koneksa Health, an early stage company focused on the integration of real world data into clinical research. “We anticipate the CentrePoint Data Hub will further enhance our patient-­centric solutions by easing the technological burden to patients and opening up opportunities to incorporate additional health sensors into the platform.”

About ActiGraph
A pioneer in the field of clinical-­grade wearables, ActiGraph is the leading provider of activity and sleep monitoring hardware and software solutions for the global scientific and pharmaceutical research communities. ActiGraph has delivered high quality data for thousands of research studies involving physical activity, sedentary behavior, energy expenditure, and sleep/wake behavior, including numerous high profile population studies such as the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the Harvard Women’s Health Study, the German National Cohort, and the U.K. Millennium Cohort Study.

About Koneksa
Koneksa Health is a private technology company focused on the incorporation of real-­world data into clinical research. Koneksa works primarily with data gathered through mobile, wearable and other digital technologies. Koneksa is committed to transforming the way health is measured by leveraging emergent technology in order to break data collection out of the four walls of the clinic while improving the quality of patient care and health outcomes data.

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